Marine Punt Specifications


High strength extruded Aluminium section.


Fully welded modular construction using MIG argon gas welding process and type 5356 alloy welding wire.


The Transom on all punts is suitably constructed to take long shaft outboard motors of up to 85 Hp. Twin units may be fitted to the 7.3mtr and 8.8mtr punts. The transom is also fitted with a large easily removable drainage bung.


Ability to float in a flooded condition due to the air tight pressure tested double-skinned construction. The hull bottom, sides and transom all form seperate air-tight buoyancy chambers.

For example the 4.7mtr Punt will support approxiamately 388kgs over and above its own weight when flooded.

Shallow Draft

Unladen all punts draw no more than 50mm (2") of water. A heavy duty towing or winch eye is welded under the bow and is accessible from either the inside or outside of the Punt.

Corner Gussets

All top inside corners are fitted with four 50mm diameter round tubular brace welded to the sides and foredeck and also sides and transom. They may also be used as towing or mooring points and on the 4.7mtr Punt they serve as lifting points. All other punts have lifting holes located on both sided of hulls. All punts larger than the 4.7mtr must not be lifted from the corner braces.


Standard Sizes Available

Length Width Height Weight Displacement Max HP*
4.7m 1.68m 480mm 226kg 614kg Single 50hp
5.3m 1.68m 560mm 252kg 684kg Single 60hp
5.3m 1.90m 560mm 273kg 741kg Single 60hp
5.9m 2.13m 560mm 326kg 911kg Single 70hp
6.4m 2.36m 560mm 400kg 1075kg Single  70hp
7.3m 2.36m 635mm 473kg 1273kg Twin 85hp
8.8m 2.59m 660mm 600kg 1638kg Dual 85hp


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